Academic AspectsEdit

Family Medicine Clinic, Inpatients, ER, Nursing Home, opportunity to do GP Anesthesia and Surgical Assist if interested


Husband and wife Dr. Shaun and Bonnie Marshall. Shaun does ER, Anesthesia and a skin lesion clinic with some general family clinic. Bonnie sees her patients if they're admitted to hospital, family medicine clinic and Nursing Home. I primarily worked with Bonnie, but also did ER shifts with Shaun and Dr. Moores

Dr. Mark Moores also takes students and residents. He also sees his patients when they're admitted, sees general family clinic and does ER shifts. 

Teaching to service ratioEdit

No real formal sessions, but lots of teaching around cases. All 3 are great teachers and very enthusiastic about it.

Other learnersEdit

There was a student with Dr. Moores


Practice populationEdit

Combo of young and old. Lots of well baby visits, some prenatals, eldery. There are lots of farmers in the area with the occasional Amish patient (if they're really in need of care)


Wingham has a population of about 3000 people. There's not a lot going on there, but it is surrounded by beautiful country side. There are some nice running/walking trails along the river.


There are 2 houses adjacent to the hospital for accomodation. The one I stayed in was a 2 bedroom house with everything I needed (including free laundry). Nothing fancy, but clean and comfortable. I had a roomate for 4 days- a pharmacist from another community who was visiting. 

Week in the life of....Edit

What does a typical week look like?Edit

With Dr. B Marshall, I spent most of my time seeing patients in her office. A typical day started with rounding on inpatients at 8 followed by the clinic. Most days I was done between 4-5. On Wednesday mornings we went to the Nursing Home to see patients. 

I also did 1 ER shift/week. The ER is a 24 shift.There was some down time during the shift, but the evenings got busy. We usually managed to clear out the ER by 10-11pm, but I was first call if someone came in during the night. Since the house was next to the hospital, I got to go home. If I was called back in, I would see the patient on my own and then call the attending.  The day after an ER shift was a post call day. 

Call requirementEdit

As above- 1 ER shift/week. I didn't have to do any weekends. 

Other things to addEdit

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