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I specifically requested Dr. Wassim Saad as I had heard from others that he is excellent. Indeed, he has won teaching awards every year since he started practicing as a General Internist in 2005. I also requested to complete a month with him when he was doing exclusive outpatient work, as I had already had some inpatient experience elsewhere. Dr. Saad has a special interest in cardiology and hematology. You will get some experience with doing cardiology consults and seeing how stress tests are done.

Another writer: I worked with Drs. Saad, Tarabain, Ahmed, McFarlane, Nwadiaro, Chan. I had positive experiences with all of them, especially Drs. Saad, Ahmed and McFarlane. They are all supportive, knowledgable and friendly.

Teaching to Service ratioEdit

I was the only resident on my team. The teaching Dr. Saad provides is probably the best teaching I have ever gotten in my medical school career.

Another writer: Teaching is well integrated into service, as all cases are reviewed in the context of approach and management of IM presentations.

Other LearnersEdit

There was a medical student doing an elective while I was there, but that is rare. I helped with teaching the student around the cases we saw.


Practice PopulationEdit

Dr. Saad has a special interest in cardiology and hematology, but sees any GIM patient.

Another writer: Dr. Ahmed also sees a lot of cardiology patients, with an emphasis on assessing cardiac risk pre-op. Dr. McFarlane has an interest in non-onc heme. Dr. Tarabain sees a lot of GI, as he also endoscopes.


Windsor has a lot to offer. There are amazing restaurants (check out Windsor Palace and Mazaar), good running trails, it is next to Detroit for shopping, has gas that is 5 cents cheaper than anywhere else, and has a casino (Caesar's Windsor). What's not to like?


Yes, there are houses on Byng Road across from Windsor Regional Hospital that house 2 or 3 residents each. They include linens, laundry, kitchen, washrooms, Internet and cable TV. There is enough space for parking on the driveways as well.

Week in the Life of...Edit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Edit

I went for this rotation during exclusively an outpatient month for Dr. Saad. Most of my days were in clinic with him, either at his office or at the hospital. Every Friday was "cardiac clinic" day where we saw cardiac patients and did stress tests. Primarily I saw the new consults and discussed my overall plans with Dr. Saad. Dr. Saad works only a halfday on Fridays!

Another writer: Nice balance between working in the office and the "urgent medical clinic" that sees patients referred from the ED.

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Other Things to addEdit

Review your cardiology before this rotation as you WILL get asked questions!

Another writer: GREAT rotation.