Windsor Core Family Medicine


1275 Walker Road, Windsor, ON N8Y 4X9




  • Hospitalist
  • Adolescent eating disorders
  • Palliative care
  • Geriatrics

Faculty to Resident Ratio:



  • Dr Frank DeMarco Jr.
  • Dr Andrea Steen
  • Dr Margarite Chevalier
  • Dr Sharon Doyle

Academic AspectsEdit


I worked primarily with Dr. Frank DeMarco Jr. Occasionally, I worked with his partners, including Drs. Margerite Chevailier, Andrea Steen and Sharon Doyle. Dr. DeMarco cares for over 3,000 patients, many of whom were his father’s patients since the 1950s. He also works as a hospitalist. He teaches practical, evidence-based approaches to common family medicine presentations. He works high volume and cares for mostly an older population. He is very warm and personable. Dr. Chevalier has more women in her practice, takes more time with people and has a more structured approach to teaching.

Teaching to Service ratioEdit


Other LearnersEdit

Yes, often there were medical students working with Dr. DeMarco, which gave me the opportunity to learn how to teach clerks.


Practice PopulationEdit

A large percentage of Dr. DeMarco’s patients were elderly and from the Italian community. But not exclusively. He also had younger patients and from other ethnic backgrounds.


Dr. DeMarco goes frequently to CME events, which I found beneficial.


There is housing available for residents, but I’m not familiar with it. There are plenty of inexpensive rentals in Windsor.

Week in the Life of...Edit

Mostly all day clinic. Occasional hospital rounds. No Call.

Other Things to addEdit

Good, solid all around family med experience. Caring, knowlegable doctor with deep roots in the community. Fun environment. Sparse on the feedback. Not a lot of formal teaching, but practical, in the moment pearls.