Dr. Henry Chapeskie at Thorndale

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Mainly healthy, middle age, Caucasian farmers + their families; pilots


- staff is very fun to work with - does a lot of Vandenbos procedures (ingrown toenail/toe skin overgrowth) and lets learners do all the surgeries while staff observes and guides - does pilots medicals - lots of procedures - staff passionate about teaching (special interest: opioid use only in chronic non-cancer pain) - great rotations for R2 who want to be fast in clinic and see lots of various cases - a very busy practice: around 3000 patients rostered (PHO) - on average, clinic sees 70 patients daily - hours: 8am-9pm on M,T,W. 8am-1pm Thr. Weekend starts on Thr at 1pm. Typically no calls - staff's family members (very friendly) also work part-time at the office and bring amazing lunch and dinner most days from Monday thru Wednesday (if able)

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