Academic AspectsEdit


I worked with a variety of preceptors depending on who was working that shift. Many of them are family doctors who have been working in the emerg for years and are excellent teachers and clinicians.

Teaching to Service ratioEdit

I was the only resident on the rotation. The teaching was excellent.

Other LearnersEdit

None. You may see a fellow colleague who is on surgery or orthopedics come down to the ER when there is a consult to be seen.


Practice PopulationEdit

We saw everyone from children to the elderly.


Absolutely make sure you check out the Stratford Festival. Take in a play and explore the town. There are many good restaurants around as well. Recruitment activities take place in town as well and there are opportunities to meet with the FHT organizers if you want. Some of the family doctors are looking to retire soon.


Yes, there are accommodations available in the old nurses' residence beside the hospital. They provide you a full kitchen, washroom, linens, Internet and TV. There is no air conditioning, but I used a fan in the summer and it was alright. There is coin laundry in the building as well.

Week in the Life of...Edit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Edit

The rotation is entirely shift based. They try to give you a good schedule and tailor it to your needs if you need time off. Shifts are daytime only (morning, afternoon or evening), never overnight. You can also do one or two ortho clinics while you are there to work on your casting skills!

Call requirementsEdit

N/A - shift work.

Other Things to addEdit

Because you are the only resident, you can do as much or as little as you want. The learning is outstanding on this rotation.