Academic AspectsEdit

Preceptors: Stacey Snider, Donna Tomlinson, Erin Heisz, Anne Martin, Leanne PetersEdit

Teaching to service ratio: there tends to be very little formal/structured teaching but a fair amount of teaching around patients. There is quite a bit of service involved but it is generally good learning. Edit

Other learners - usually you are the sole resident Edit

Location - 45 minutes away from LondonEdit

Practice populationEdit

- approximately 30,000, mennonite and amish communities surrounding


- vibrant arts culture, great restaurants


- There is a nursing students residence next door to the hospital - these consist of a single bed with sink and desk in a dormitory style building with shared washrooms and showers. 

- There is also a set of apartments across the street from the hospital where you share living quarters with other residents on rotation. 

Week in the life of....Edit

What does a typical week look like?Edit

Weeks are typically quite busy. 

Clinic runs from 9 - 4:30 most days.

You are expected to round on your preceptor's inpatients from 8-9.

Once a week you have either an ER shift from 4:00-12:00am or After Hours Clinic from 5-8:30 with home call until 8am the next day. 

One morning per week you are responsible for seeing nursing home patients (appx 30 patients to be seen twice/month)

Once a month you have weekend home call which consists of rounding daily on the inpatients of preceptors in the family health team, seeing new admissions, taking nursing home call, and surgical assist for general surgery and c-sections. 

Call requirementsEdit

See above. Weekday home call every other week, weekend home call (Friday, Sat, Sun) once a month. 

Other things to addEdit