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You are assigned to a team of preceptors and work with whichever one has clinic that day. If none of the staff on your team are holding clinic on a particular day, you are still expected to stay and help whichever staff have clinic that day. The Rohekar twins are quirky and interesting. Dr. Pope has a million patients but is very interested in teaching and is the preeminent physician in Canada of a number of rheumatological conditions.

Teaching to Service RatioEdit

There are dedicated teaching days, however, a lot of the material is quite specific to rare rheumatological illnesses that aren't seen in family practice clinics.

Other LearnersEdit

There are a number of residents rotating through at any given time and you will be working in close quarters with them. Staff typically seem to appreciate Family Medicine residents (often the Internal Medicine residents aren't so keen to be there and don't try to hide it)

Location Edit

St. Joseph's. London, Ont.

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What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Edit

You have 4-5 days of clinic with occasional Friday morning teaching sessions/rounds.

Call requirementsEdit

Approximately 3-4 call shifts that are home call and very light. You are only on call until 7pm, but you can be paged by patients directly. You always have either a Fellow or Staff on with you.

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