Academic AspectsEdit

Very good learning experience in a very relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is approachable and have time set aside for teaching. You have to prepare for 1 Critical appraisal presentation during the rotation.Weekly teaching for Geriatric Interdisciplinary rounds plus a good orientation teaching at the beginning of rotation.


Different preceptors rotate for weekly shifts for consult services at UH. Daily evaluations at clinics done by the staff. Final Evaluations done by Dr Brymer at UH.

Dr Brymer:- Excellent person, very nice! Expects you to be very efficient especially in time management. Enthusiastic teacher, special interest in Dementia. has cocktail for dementia eg Vit B12, Vit D and Ca

Dr Hurwitz:- More relaxed but expects you to know more than Dr Brymer. Good teacher

Dr Dasgupta:- Special interest Dementia. Good teacher,doesn't expect much

Dr Al-Aama:- Very fast talker. Asks lots of questions. Be prepared to answer

Dr Kane:- Very polite and nice. Good teacher but epects you to know something about geriatrics as well.

Dr Keast:- Runs wound management clinic, has his own trained staff. Our role is only observatory


Teaching to Service ratioEdit

Usually 1 to 3 residents on consult service at a time. Good one-on-one teaching

Other LearnersEdit



Consult service at UH. Clinics at Parkwood Hospital, Mount Hope and 1 outreach clinic in a neighboring community

Practice PopulationEdit

Geriatric, depends on the clinic




Week in the Life of...Edit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Edit

For residents on UH rotation, there are two weeks in consult at UH and 2 weeks in clinics at Parkwood or Mt Hope, St Joseph's Hospital.

Most clinics start at 0800 and finish at 4-5 pm. Consults start at 0900 and finish at 5. No calls except if they are short staffed at ACE-CTU, Victoria Hospital( never happened).

Call requirementsEdit

You are warned at the beginning of rotation to be prepared to do calls if due to an emergency they need you at ACE-CTU. Haven't heard of anyone doing calls there yet.

Other Things to addEdit