Academic AspectsEdit


Basically all the Byron Family Physicians are preceptors, Dr. McKeough is the overall preceptor.

Teaching to Service ratioEdit

25% teaching, 75% service.

Other LearnersEdit

Only one "Dearness" resident per rotation, but you also work together with Byron family medicine residents who accompany their preceptors for rounds on their individual unit(s).


Southdale Road at Wellington Street.

Practice PopulationEdit

Municipal nursing home with primarily geriatric patients, but some younger patients with complex medical issues (ie. MS). Approximately 240 residents live at Dearness Home. There are 2 "locked" dementia units out of 9 units total.



Week in the Life of...Edit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Edit

Each day you do rounds on 1-2 units with that unit's Byron Family Medicine Preceptor (and/or occasionally their FM resident). You are also "on-call" during the day for any issues that come up throughout the nursing home. If there are no rounds on a particular day, you have an office with a computer and are simply on call for issues that arise throughout the building.

During your last week of the rotation, you present at lunchtime rounds to the Byron FM residents & staff.

Call requirementsEdit

One weeknight per week of the rotation is home-call, and you are only on-call for Dearness.

Other Things to addEdit