Academic AspectsEdit


There are about five preceptors. Dr. Dresser has a special interest in hypertension and runs a hypertension clinic on Fridays. There are opportunities to learn procedures like bone marrow biopsy as well.

Teaching to Service ratioEdit

There are usually 3-5 residents per physician. The amount of teaching is quite excellent.

Other LearnersEdit

Occasionally medical students also rotate through this service. One gets to teach and mentor them as well.


Practice PopulationEdit

No specific population; anyone from children to the elderly were seen.


N/A - rotation in London.



Week in the Life of...Edit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Edit

At Victoria Hospital, most of the rotation involves working in an all-day clinic. On any particular day, you will work on the GIM clinic or pre-operative clinic. One of the weeks involves taking care of inpatients as part of the consult team.

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Other Things to addEdit

The other possible site for this rotation is St. Joseph's Hospital, which operates in a similar fashion.