Academic AspectsEdit


Staff physicians from same group practice at Victoria and University hospitals

Teaching to Service ratioEdit

Good. Preceptors at both sites (University and Victoria Hospitals) are generally very supportive of learners.

University Hospital - no trauma centre. High volume of both low and high acuity cases, good opportunities for small procedures. Pediatric cases may present here, although majority will present to Peds ER at Victoria hospital site.

Victoria Hospital - trauma centre, with regular presentations of trauma and Triage A and B cases. High volume of lower acuity cases as well. No pediatrics at they are triaged to peds emerg.

Other LearnersEdit

During any particular shift, there will be at least one or two residents and often one or two medical students on at a time. As both emergency centres are quite large, there are usually enough cases to go around.


Practice PopulationEdit

Varied from around London, Ontario


London, Ontario



Week in the Life of...Edit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Edit

Over the course of the month, R1 residents complete 21-22 shifts, R2s 20-21. The shift schedule is arranged by the senior emergency medicine resident. Shift switches are allowed, but best to request vacation time ahead of scheduling. Shifts are 8 hours in duration. Current shift division is: 0700-1500, 1000-1800, 1600-0000, 2200-0400, 0400-1000.

Call requirementsEdit

Shift work

Other Things to addEdit

Both sites offer high volume of cases. Learners are encouraged to see patients according to the triage order, but if there is a particular interest in certain learning experiences, most preceptors are open to this. Good bedside and case review teaching. Late night shifts can offer more time for direct supervision and daytime is very busy.

During the last hour of the shift, for the sake of handover, learners are encourage to only see patients whose issues can be wrapped up within the hour, as opposed to starting a new case that might require further workup. Preceptors would generally not be happy if you picked up an abdo pain 50 minutes before the shift is over!

Date of Last Edit: December 2010