Academic AspectsEdit


There is a new preceptor each week. I worked with Dr. Boughner, Dr. McMcarty, Dr. Kostak and Dr. Skanes. Excellent teaching around cases, management and ECGs.

Teaching to Service ratioEdit

Lots of teaching depending on which preceptor you are on with. Sevice is not too busy with an average of 10-15 patients on the team.

Other LearnersEdit

Teams usually have 3-4 residents. My team had one Cardiology fellow, one Internal Medicine R2 and myself.


Practice PopulationEdit

In the ward you mostly see an elderly population-cases of CHF exacerbation, NSTEMI, atrial fibrillation etc.





Week in the Life of...Edit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Edit

Day starts at 8 AM with handover rounds. The CCU resident and the ward resident on call the previous night are expected to do a short presentation of their cases. On Mondays, handover rounds happen after Grand Rounds. After rounds, you round on your patients with the team. Afternoons are usually spend dealing with discharges and any pending work. You are usually out by no later than 4:30-5.

Call requirementsEdit

I had 3 calls, 2 of them being Saturday calls. There is a CCU resident and a Cardiology fellow on with us. We usually deal woth floor issues, which is not a lot. CCU resident gets paged for consults from other services and ER. If they are swamped, they usally get us to do the ER admissions. All cases are reviewed with them. Plenty of support from the senior residents. My calls were not too hectic, it is very manageable.

Other Things to addEdit

A good rotation to learn more about management of conditions especially, CHF and Afib. I found myself getting better in reading ECGs and picking up murmurs.