Academic AspectsEdit


There is a new preceptor every 2 or 3 weeks. Preceptors include Drs. Hurwitz and Dasgupta. Both are excellent clinicians and teachers.

Teaching to Service RatioEdit

There is usually one senior resident, a few on-service medicine residents, a few off-service residents and one or two clerks. Some teaching is dedicated on the rotation (e.g. morning rounds, noon rounds, teaching randomly during the day by the senior or staff) and there is some self-learning on the rotation.

Other LearnersEdit

Typically as an R1 Family Medicine resident you will act as a teacher and mentor for the clerks. You can cosign their orders and teach around their cases.


Practice PopulationEdit

Usually the patient population is over 75 years old. The patients can range anywhere from having multiple active issues to simply waiting on placement. When I was on, there were many active issues and turnaround was quite high. We had multiple discharges every day; my record was 8 on one weekend call.


N/A - rotation in London.



Week in the Life of...Edit

What does a typical work week look like on this rotation? Edit

The rotation is exclusively inpatient oriented. There is teaching usually every morning and at noon rounds. There is lunch provided for noon rounds and coffee provided every morning.

Call requirementsEdit

Depending on the number of residents on rotation, call is approximately 1 in 5. Call can be anywhere from very light to quite busy, the same as any CTU rotation. How the call goes depends largely on the senior on call that night.

Other Things to addEdit

I learned a lot on this rotation but it depends on how much you put into it.